Takanori Miyata Sensei visits KVIS Mathematics Department

: สถานที่ : Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

Teacher Takanori Miyata from Meijo University Senior High School in Nagoya, Japan, visited KVIS from 18-21 August 2017. Mr. Miyata gave a couple of presentations on Wasan, the Japanese art of doing Mathematics, attended sessions and presentations of research and research proposals given by KVIS students, observed some of the Math classes at KVIS, and sharing with math teachers valuable comments and advice.  

The highly informative presentation about the Japanese math from Edo Period, 16th to 18th century, not only gave an excellent overview of the Japanese mathematics from that period but included a lot of illustrations and practical puzzles from original historical sources for our students to try. One special puzzle of Wasan style was contemporary, created by his student, Hayakawa Saya, especially for KVIS students.  

A couple of M6 groups of students presented their research to our guest. For example, on Friday 18, "The Block Configuration Combination in the Box" by Apiphu Chenwittayakachorn, Panatchakorn Anantaprayoon, and Tanaorn Bamroongshawgasame, and "Barrow’s Inequality in Einstein’s Gyrovector Space and Mobius’ Gyrovector Space" by Wasin Meesena. Three groups of M5 students presented their research proposals on Monday 21. These were "The probability of elimination in tournament" by Jirayus Jinapong, "Modelling Association Football Match Results and Positive Returns Betting Strategy" by Phumrapee Pisutsin, and "Newton’s Inequality for sets of Complex Numbers with some specific conditions" by Natcharee Chotchutipchayakorn.  Mr. Miyata watched these presentations with great interest. 

On Monday 21st also, Mr. Miyata was observing the teaching of a math class and sharing his comments and advice with KVIS teachers. Before he departed back to Japan Mr. Miyata presented the Math Department with a gift: a beautiful edition of the book "Sacred Mathematics - Japanese Temple Geometry". The book has a lot of additional information on Wasan with great illustrations and a big number of interesting problems and puzzles. It is displayed in the KVIS Math room for everybody to enjoy it.  

Reported by Dr. Artur Gorka 
and Dr. Thanit Pewnim

Miyate Sensei 2017