A message from GT College of Hong Kong on 28 November 2015

Dear Dr Thongchai,
         Thank you very much for your invitation to visit your newly established school. The following is my brief summary of my visit today:
         KVIS is a new private senior secondary school sponsored by PTT, a very large chemical company in Thailand. There are 4 classes in each grade and the school practices small class teaching with class size 18 which is magical and wonderful for students getting individual care.
        The school campus of KVIS is very large, even larger than some universities in HK.  Some of its facilities is of University standard. The students studying at KVIS are free of charge including accommodation, meal, computer and books so KVIS is a school for ALL instead of just for the nobel.
        The students studying at KVIS are gifted and their abilities are quite high as reflected by their fast learning pace. Most of the curriculum are one or two years ahead of the same age. KVIS focuses on Sciences and Mathematics. Its aim is to nurture future scientists and engineers for Thailand. KVIS encourage students to do research as it is one of the requirements for graduation. KVIS also emphasizes on National education, personal development and international perspective as can be observed from his daily assembly, Monday mass lecture and international exchange and competition. KVIS have a strong back up from VISTEC, a research prototype University, and KVIS students can conduct projects under the supervision of professors of VISTEC. Students enjoy schooling and love to stay in school even in the weekend because of the caring environment provided by the school.
          The direction was set by the principal, Dr Thongchai, who is a pioneer and expert in promoting Science and Gifted education and is a giant and icon in the education sector in Thailand. All teachers in KVIS at lease have a Master degree with first class honors. Half of the teachers got PhD degree as teachers must be gifted in order to inspire gifted students. Furthermore, teachers are dedicated, enjoy teaching and have a strong sense of belonging. In addition, KVIS employed University Professors as Vice Principals and senior management.
         Although KVIS is a new school, his success is of no doubt. I am confidence that KVIS will become a leading, state of the art, and model school in Thailand In the near future due to his unique, innovative vision and strong management team and dedicated teachers.
Raymond Tam
Principal, GT College
Chairman, HK Gifted Council